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Properate and RDOS – working together to make the region more energy efficient

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Featured video series: RDOS Homeowners' Journey to Energy Efficiency

Margaret Holm and Richard Cannings have been residents of the RDOS for 27 years. Built in 1954. their house is old, leaky, and inefficient. They decided to get a home energy assessment, and were surprised at the recommendation to improve insulation rather than install a heat pump.  The couple are keeping their energy costs down by prioritizing the changes that will make the biggest impact.

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Complete  Coverage

Currently we support  6 municipalities, 9 Electoral Areas  in the regional district.


26,000 Buildings

We analyzed 26,000 buildings and reflected the findings on the map.


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Properate Maps

In collaboration with RDOS we built the map which contains over 26,000 households within the region. This helps RDOS to identify the communities which need to be analysed in more depth and supported further.

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